160 Oak Leaf Avenue
MTS HoodBuildingGroup-1498688-shaer1
Type: Residential
Occupants: The Shaer Family
Number of stories: 2
Number of bedrooms: 3
Number of bathrooms: 1.5
Size: 3x3 lot
Value: §52,928
Neighborhood: Mountainside Valley

160 Oak Leaf Avenue is a lot in Mountainside Valley.

It's occupied by The Shaer Family.

Gallery Edit

MTS HoodBuildingGroup-1498688-shaer1

160 Oak Leaf Avenue from the front

MTS HoodBuildingGroup-1498689-shaer2

160 Oak Leaf Avenue from the back

MTS HoodBuildingGroup-1498690-shaer3

1st floor of 160 Oak Leaf Avenue

MTS HoodBuildingGroup-1498691-shaer4

2nd floor of 160 Oak Leaf Avenue

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