Melvin Goodsetter

Melvin Goodsetter

Type: Ghost
Cause of Death: Disease
Gender: Male
Age: Elder
Aspiration: Romance
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Martial Status: Widowed


Janice Goodsetter (Spouse)

Lori Marshal (Child)

Danny Marshal (Child-in-Law)

Tommy Marshal (Grandchild)

Tammy Marshal (Grandchild)


Hair Colour: Gray (Blond as an adult)

Eye Colour: Green

Skintone: S1

Neighborhood: Shady Shores

Melvin Goodsetter is a deceased sim in Shady Shores. Not much is know about Melvin as he starts off deceased. It's known though that he died because of a nasty disease.

His tombstone can be found in 128 Seaside Drive. He has a full character data, meaning it's completely safe to resurrect Melvin.

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