Skye Weiss
Skye Weiss

Skye Weiss

Skyecame to Widespot for the good viewing conditions. Something viewed him back. Twice. He's gotten used to it.
Type: Human
Gender: Male
Age: Elder
Aspiration: Knowledge
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Martial Status: Single


Penny Weiss (Child)

Woody Weiss (Child)

Unborn Baby Weiss-Hart (Grandchild)


Hair Colour: Gray (Red as an adult)

Eye Colour: Light Blue

Skintone: S1

Neighborhood: Widespot

Skye Weiss is an elder sim who resides along with his family in Widespot.

Skye works in the Science career as a High School Science Teacher. He has two Alien-Hybrid children from two Alien abductions, Penny and Woody.

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