Unborn Babies Collensworth
Type: Alien-Human Hybrid
Gender: N/A
Age: Unborn
Aspiration: Grow Up
Zodiac Sign: N/A
Marital Status: Single


Phil Collensworth (Parent)

PT Adam Wainwright (Parent)


Hair Colour: N/A

Eye Colour: N/A

Skintone: N/A

Playability: Playable
Neighborhood: Sedona

Unborn Babies Collensworth are the unborn twins of Phil Collensworth and PT Adam Wainwright. Phil is pregnant with them at the start of the neighborhood and is in his invisible stage of pregnancy.

Unlike the other alien hybrid twins in Sedona, these twins may get human skintone instead of the alien skintone. That's because their alien parent is a half-alien. (50% alien DNA)

So the unborn Collensworth babies will be quarter-aliens (25% alien DNA) once they're born.

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